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Also known as “dryer exhaust duct"

  • Runs from laundry room, through walls of home and exits out exterior wall or roof of home
  • Purpose is to direct hot air, moisture and lint from the dryer, outside so clothes can dry
  • Anything that causes a blockage would reduce airflow and create problems.  Blockages can be caused by:

Lint build up inside vent which is accelerated by:

  • Long vents, over 6ft in length
  • Bends and elbows in vent
  • Condensation in vent, from traveling through cold spaces, un-insulated
  • High dryer usage
  • Crushed transition flex hose

Small animals nesting inside vent

  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Mice

Problems created by reduced airflow

  • Slower drying times
  • Heat build up in dryer
  • Overheated dryer
  • Wasted energy
  • Fire hazards
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Having one of your guys come out and clean our dryer vent was such a blessing. He was extremely professional and did a fantastic job. The task of doing laundry is so much easier now that my dryer i...
Shanda Rodriguez, Fort Worth, TX

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