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Dryer Fires

Dryer Fire Facts

  • Over 15,000 dryer fires occur each year!
  • $99 million in dryer fire losses
  • Over 400 injuries & approximately 15 fatalities each year 

Dryer Fire Cause

  • “Failure to Clean” is the most common cause (Lint trap & Vent Systems)
  • Lint builds up in transition hose and vent which creates on blockage in vent
  • Blockages reduce airflow which causes heat to build up
  • Enough heat can ignite the lint or nearby flammables
  • Overheated dryer can also lead to malfunction which could also start a fire

Dryer Fire Prevention

  • Clean lint trap either before or after each use and clean stray lint around dryer
  • Professionally inspect and clean dryer vent system at least once a year
  • Never leave home while dryer is in use and never run dryer while sleeping
  • Know the signs of a clogged vent
  • Clothes take more than 1 cycle to dry
  • Clothes are unusually hot after 1 cycle
  • Dryer is hot to the touch after 1 cycle
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