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Products Offered



Lint Alert

A product designed to alert you when there is restricted airflow in your dryer vent. Airflow is measured when the vent is cleaned and then the device is installed and calibrated while the vent is at its cleanest. Flashing lights indicate the severity of the airflow blockage overtime and let you know when its time to clean your vents again.


Transition Hose Replacement & Install

We also sell and install replacement transition hoses. All dryer manufacturers warn against using plastic flexible transition hose as it can fuel a dryer fire. Flexible hosing more likely to crush and reduce airflow so solid transition duct is preferred.


Bird Guard Replacement & Install

In order to keep birds and other small animals from nesting in your vents and blocking the airflow, we sell and install replacement/new bird guards. They cover the vents exterior exit and prevent animals from entering the vent, but also allow lint and airflow to exit. It is still necessary to visually check your exhaust exit from time to time to make sure there are no blockages.


Bird's Next Removal

Your dryer vent is a perfect place for birds to build their nests. Most bird’s nest will almost completely block the air-flow of your dryer vent — causing extremely long drying times and increases the chance of a dryer fire. If you hear birds in your vents or notice twigs or feathers around the termination (where the vent stops out-side of the home) call us to remove the nest and we’ll discount the rate for your dryer vent cleaning.

Fix Disconnected Duct Work

We do not provide this service, but we do offer referrals to companies that do a great job at this.

Exterior Vent Cleaning

Occasionally we are unable to clean the vent from the inside, in which case clean it from the outside where the vent exhausts on the side of the home or on the roof. We still use our rotary brush, but it's not usually possible to use the vacuum so we have you turn on your dryer while we clean the vent. The dryer does the removal work by pushing the lint out of the vents exterior exit.

Dryer Cleaning

After the vent cleaning we clean the dryer and also underneath the dryer. It is our goal to leave your laundry area cleaner than how we found it. After this we reconnect the transition hose and move your dryer back into place.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The actual cleaning is done from inside your home. We pull the dryer out and disconnect the hose and clean it and make sure it is free of kinks. Next we attach a "y-join" to the dryer vent opening in the wall. This allows us to use our rotary brush and vacuum at the same time. The rotary brush fits snuggly inside the vent and as it spins it loosens any lint that is built up. As the lint is loosened the powerful vacuum sucks the lint out of the vent leaving it very clean. The brush attaches to very flexible rods which allow us to run the brush the entire length of the vent even through 90-degree bends. We run the brush through the entire vent several times ensuring a very thorough cleaning.


Video Inspection

We offer a unique opportunity to view the inside of your dryer vent.  With a specialized video camera, which we are able to run the entire length of your dryer vent, we can assess lint build up, view bird nests, determine how many bends there are, and discover any disconnection that may be in your vent.

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