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5 Signs You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

Without routine maintenance and cleaning dryer vents can become clogged with lint. This can lead to longer drying times for clothes and adds to the potential for the dryer to overheat. Since lint is extremely flammable to added heat could potentially cause a house fire. There are warning signs that your dryer vents need cleaning.

1. Clothing Takes More Than One Normal Cycle to Dry

The first warning sign of clogged dryer vents occurs when it takes clothing two and three times the usual time to dry completely. Normal dry times should be around 30 - 45 minutes. Blocked dryer vents can extend drying time because the vents are built to push hot moist air out, but if lint build up is preventing this the clothes will get hot but stay wet longer. This puts a strain on the dryer which could lead to overheating. It could also burn out the heating element in the dryer which leads to costly repairs or the need to purchase a new dryer. A dryer that runs longer than normal also wastes energy and can lead to an increase in the household energy bill.

2. Clothing and the Outside of the Dryer are Hot to the Touch

A second warning sign that dryer vents may need attention is the fact that the clothing and the outside of the dryer are both very hot. A dryer with properly functioning vents will not get hot to the touch during a normal cycle. Clothing will be warm, but fluffy and dry at the end of the cycle as well. When clothing is extremely hot and possibly still damp at the end of a normal cycle this indicates a problem. Simply running the dryer through another cycle is not the answer as this can cause the heating element to burn out or worse, the lint in the clogged vent could catch fire. When an unusually large amount of lint is caught in the vent and/or inside the dryer itself, it can easily ignite and cause a major house fire.

3. There is a Burning Smell When Dryer is Running

A third warning sign of clogged dryer vents that need immediate attention is a burning smell when the dryer is running. Lint can build up in other parts of the dryer, not just the vent. The exhaust tube, lint trap, and drum casting have build up as well. The burning lint smell can be detected before it causes a major fire and the dryer should be shut off immediately. Call a professional to clean dryer vents and inspect your dryer before you turn it back on.

4. Lint Collects Around Outside Vent Opening

A fourth warning sign is lint and debris collecting around the outside vent opening or dryer vent termination. This opening is usually four inches wide and is where the moisture, hot air and lint leaves the house. If there is lint around the opening it is time for dry vent cleaning. If the outside flap does not open while the dryer is running it is an indicator that the air flow is being restricted. A missing outside vent cover can also allow birds to nest in the vent which is also a safety hazard because it is restricting the air flow from the dryer.

5. Lack of Dryer Vent Maintenance

The fifth sign of potential trouble can be a lack of these other tale-tell signs. If your home is 8 - 10 years old or older, or if it’s been longer than five or six years since your last cleaning and you haven’t noticed any signs--there could be other serious issues. That’s why we recommend a thorough, professional dryer vent inspection every four or five years.

HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning is the professional company you should call for dry vent cleaning as well as repair to your dryer vents. Our company has been improving and installing dryer vents in North Texas since 2009 and our trained staff are experts in cleaning and maintaining all aspects of your dryer vent system. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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