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Dryer Vent Inspections

Wondering What's wrong with your Dryer? Get A HomeSafe Dryer Vent Inspection to Find Out!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The entire dryer vent is brushed clean from end to end.

Dryer Vent Repairs

We fix disconnected vents, crushed vents, rusted-out vents, and dryer vents made with the wrong materials that could cause all sorts of unwanted problems.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds are infamous for building huge nests inside dryer vents; completely blocking airflow, ruining your dryer and creating a fire hazard

Reroute Dryer Vent

We reroute dryer vents that are unsafe or inefficient (ex: too long, run under the house, too many turns, terminate indoors).

Transition Hose

We make sure the hose behind your dryer is as short as possible and not crushed so that air can flow freely through it.

Screen Removal

We remove screens from dryer vent terminations whether on the roof or side of the home. Screens are used to keep animals out, but they are against building code

Side-Termination Hoods

We replace side-terminating hoods that are damaged, cheap or against code.

Roof-Termination Hoods

We replace roof-terminating hoods that are against code.

Booster Fan

We install, replace and remove booster fans. If a dryer vent is too long they are required by code to have a booster fan installed to help boost airflow.



This is a metal box that is recessed into the wall, directly behind your dryer, to allow your dryer to sit closer to the wall without crushing the hose that connects your dryer to the vent inside the wall.


Instead of guessing how often you should have your dryer vent cleaned, this small device monitors the backpressure of your dryer vent and alerts you when there is a partial or complete blockage.

Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are 100% wool, hypoallergenic and help your laundry dry faster.

Lint Brush

These brushes help to reach lint buildup inside your dryer, where the lint screen goes.

Washer Hoses

As one of the top reason for home floods, manufacturers and home insurance companies recommend replacing your washer hoses every five years.

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