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7 Common Dryer Repair & Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

The routine dryer maintenance of your clothes dryer can keep you from having to deal with costly repairs. Knowing what to look for and handling preventive maintenance will keep your dryer running for a good while longer. There are times, however, where you will need to call someone to service your dryer. Before you find yourself in that situation, there are seven easy dryer repair and maintenance tips that will help you keep those costs down.

1. Remove Lint From The Trap

Remove the lint from the trap and clean the screen. It is a good rule of thumb to wash the lint screen every three months. The air can flow freely and dry your clothes faster when there is no thick debris and lint stuck in these parts. You don’t want your machine to work too hard trying to get air through. Plus this saves on your electric bill.

2. Do Not Overload Your Dryer

Overloading the dryer will cause an increase in your energy bill and also lint. Your clothes will not dry properly and will have a musty odor to them. If that happens you're stuck washing those clothes all over again. Also, when you fill the dryer up beyond capacity, it takes too long to dry. This is because you are making your machine work too hard. In the long run, it will break down.

3. Clean Out The Exhaust Vent

This a basic fire prevention method that households should perform every one to two years. Doing this will get all the debris out of the vent. You won’t have to worry about gases building up in the vent which can cause a fire. This would be a costly repair and would result in the loss of your home if left unchecked.

4. Clean The Drum

This is the inside of the dryer where your clothes go. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to get any foreign residue out. This will prevent stains drying into your garments. Also, that residue can be greasy and will start a fire if it is not cleaned out. Make sure to get any lint that falls into the drum as well.

5. Use Metal Exhaust Vents

It is extra important because plastic and vinyl materials can catch on fire, unlike metal. Plastic can melt in very high temperatures. If that happens, it can definitely be a costly dryer vent repair job. Plus metal exhaust vents are easier to clean.

6. Check The Outside Vent Cap

Always check the vent cap outside your home. First, replace the plastic vent with metal. If you don’t want any costly moisture problems that can ruin the ceiling in your home, it's important to check that vent. You need to make sure there are no clogs whether the lint is wet or dry. This can be a fire hazard in the making.

7. Investigate Unusual Noises

Usually, a well-running clothes dryer is quiet. However, if there are any unusual noises coming from the dryer, you should call a repairman only if you can’t figure out what the problem is yourself. The earlier you get it checked out the better off you will be. Buying a new dryer can definitely be costly.

In the event you need your dryer cleaned or repaired, contact HomeSafe. Since 2009, we have has been installing, cleaning, and dryer duct repairs, as well as dryer vent repair. Let HomeSafe take care of all your dryer repairs.

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